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High Quality. Peace of mind.

Chenkang works hard. Health and peace of mind.

N99 adult three-dimensional medical mask

Highly breathable, more comfortable to use and breathe more smoothly!
The anti-sensitivity value of carefully selected materials has been tested = 0, so you can wear it with peace of mind and no allergies!
Chenkang Biotech was recommended by BSI interview in 2023 (BSI is the first national standards organization in the world)
The production masks have been tested by NELSON, and the virus filtering capacity is greater than 99.965%, protecting you from viruses!
The production masks have passed the BS certification test and the Nacl filtration efficiency test is greater than 99% ↑, effectively filtering tiny particles in the air!

Quality Assurance

We have a complete quality management system and professional quality testing equipment to ensure that every mask produced meets international standards and customer requirements. Our factory adopts automated production equipment to produce in the industrial 4.0 management mode to avoid personnel operation errors and ensure the consistency and stability of the masks.

Company Introduction

Chengkang Biotech Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the production of medical and industrial masks, ensuring that healthcare professionals and the general public understand our mission and values. The current market demand for masks is stable and continuously growing, and we deeply understand the importance of masks in healthcare and public health. Therefore, we chose masks as the foundation of our entrepreneurship, hoping to contribute to the global epidemic prevention efforts.

We are committed to ensuring that each mask complies with international standards and meets customer requirements. With a comprehensive quality management system and professional quality testing equipment, we guarantee the quality of our masks. Through the use of automated production equipment and Industry 4.0 management, we eliminate human errors and ensure the consistency and stability of our masks, providing you with peace of mind.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We will continue to strive for greater contributions to the medical and epidemic prevention industries. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

About Chenkang

Innovative Research and Development

We possess advanced technology for breathable thin film production, enhancing the filtration efficiency and comfort of our masks. Independently developed supportive materials improve the three-dimensional fit and seal, maximizing internal ventilation space. Through continuous innovation, we are dedicated to developing products that better meet market demands, safeguarding your safety and health.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to the ISO13485 quality management system and equip ourselves with professional quality testing instruments, ensuring that every mask complies with international standards and meets customer requirements. We utilize automated production equipment and adopt Industry 4.0 management to ensure the stability of mask quality and minimize the risk of human errors.

Production Capacity

Our masks are produced in a cleanroom environment, and on-site tests show zero bacterial contamination, ensuring the hygiene and safety of our masks. Equipped with fully automated production lines, we have a maximum monthly capacity of one million masks, enabling us to meet customer demands, especially during special circumstances.

BSI OBL brand certificate

Through the assistance of BSI certification company, we can apply for BSI OBL brand certificate for customers, help customers build their own brands, and enhance the influence of customers in the local market.
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